Opening February 21st!

Angels in Stardust

Available for Video On Demand and
Opening in these theaters:
Austin – Barton Creek Square 14
Charlotte – Carolina Pavilion 22
DFW – Grapevine Mills 30
Grand Rapids – Grand Rapids 18
Kansas City – Studio 28 – KC
Los Angeles – Burbank Town Center 8
Miami/Ft Lauderdale – Sunset Place 24
New Orleans – Elmwood Palace 20
New York – Palisades Center 21
Oklahoma City – Crossroads Mall 16
Phoenix – Arizona Center 24

4 Responses

  1. Alexa Morgal says:

    Hi I am a huge fan of aj michalka. I was wondering if u can get that movie where I live . Because I really want to see it. I live in pennslyvania and I don’t think it’s right . That its playing in other theaters and not mine. Please reply if u can. Thank u.

  2. Julianna says:

    Can’t Wait to see this! Looks like it’ll give Hope & Strength to young women today ♥ There are a lot of fish in the sea but not all are good enough to take home to Mama or good enough for your kids. The man that’s best to turn to is actually Supernatural, Spiritual, Powerful, Kind, Loving, Gentle..No other man can measure up & or Ever will bc He’s Out of this world ;) Wish Cobb Cinema National would show this film!

    • Maureen Nolan says:

      Alicia, I love your acting and your Kind Life info and suggestions via email. In fact, I have a separate folder for all of these emails. Can hardly wait to see Angels In Stardust & am so glad that u posted its release date and viewing locations. I will definitely go to Burbank or view on VOD. Keep up the great work, Alicia, and thank you so much for promoting veganism and living a kind life. See you occasionally on late night TV shows and am so glad that u spread the message about animal friendly eating! (‘course, it’s also good for human health and the environment and it tastes so darn good)—purchased your fabulous book, thekinddiet, and love going thru it—I’m not a cook, but I am slowly becoming one and will use some of your great recipes to share with others. Oh yes, and also like the vegan Juice Beauty makeup you posted. I use the rouge, lipstick and powder all the time. Super great stuff! I always feel great that I no longer use makeup that animals suffered so that I can wear it. No suffering with Juice Beauty! Take care and greetings to your family—xoxoxo to Bear! ♥

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